General terms and conditions

1. Acceptance of Terms of Sale, Delivery and Payment

Our sales are based on the following terms and conditions. Any variations to these must be accepted and confirmed by us in writing. The placing of order/contract with us implies acceptance of these conditions by the Buyer unless expressly agreed otherwise and confirmed by us in writing. Any terms and conditions the Buyer might have imposed on his order/contract contradicting our terms are not objected by us. 


2. Quotations

Our offers are without obligation. Catalogues or CD-Rom forms part of our offers. The specifications and drawings as shown in our catalogues, prospects, CD or internet are subject to change without notice unless contracted otherwise by us and confirmed in writing. Prices are in € (Euro) and means ex stock.


3. Special Manufacture

Such orders cannot be cancelled once accepted by us. Normal production items which are marked or finished to Buyer’s special requirements. We are unable to accept the return of such items for credit or allowance.


4. Prices

Prices are quoted by us are not binding until confirmed by us in writing and must be regarded as works prices not including value tax or similar charges. We reserve the right to correct prices in case there should be a change in our production costs such as raw material, alloying-costs, power, wages etc. up the date of delivery. For orders less than € 60,00 we will invoice a handling charge of € 25,00 net.


5. Terms of payment

Our invoices are payable for

Home market: within 10 days after date of invoice less 2 % discount
or        30 days after date of invoice net, without deduction.
Export market: According to the special arrangements which are stated in our offers, order confirmations and / or invoices

All charges of the payments are to Buyer’s account.


6. Despatch and Delivery

We deliver ex works Aschaffenburg, if not otherwise mentioned in our sales documents. FOB / FOA / CIF deliveries on request only and must be confirmed by us in writing.


7. Title of the Goods

Goods delivered remain our property until payment is received in full. It is expressly reserved that any law contradicting this clause shall not injure our rights concerning our goods. Distraints and / or any other limitations which might be imposed on our property despite the reservations outlined in the preceding sentence must be reported immediately. The Buyer may dispose of the goods in the usual business-like manner provided he is not insolvent or in default. Should the customer sell goods which are still our property, respective credit is due to our account automatically without express confirmation. Until paid for in full, we reserve the right to enter Buyer’s premises and re-take possessions of the goods. Should the goods be processed or mixed with other goods by the Buyer and or a contractor to the Buyer, owner-ship of the processed or mixed goods is automatically passed to us until payment for the goods has been received in full. Notwithstanding the conditions outlined above, goods are at the entire risk of the Buyer’s from the date of delivery.


8. Time of delivery – Delivery Possibilities

All information given in respect of delivery period is approximate and without obligation, liability in case of delay in delivery, interest for delay and / or damages cannot be accepted. The time of delivery begins only after clarification of all commercial and technical details.


9. Force Majeure

Force majeure, such as strike and lock-out, catastrophes of any kind, breakdown in supply of any kind, as well as delivery of faulty material and the like shall release us from our liabilities.


10. Claims

Claims must be made immediately, latest after 8 days on receipt of the goods otherwise such claims will not be accepted by us. Claims above the nominal value of the goods involved will not be entertained. Amendments to our deductions from invoices will not be accepted in respect of claims.


11. Guarantee

All tools will be replaced free of charge; no further liability will be accepted. Parts returned as faulty which on inspection / test prove to have failed due to abuse, incorrect use of fair wear and tear are excluded from this guarantee and replacements will be charged. Faulty items should be retained for our inspection and if returned to works sent carriage paid.


12. Setting Place and Place of Competency

Aschaffenburg, Germany, is the setting place for delivery and payment and the place for competency of justice in case of dispute.

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